This is for a 88X31 banner ad for 30 days, and if you still want to keep it in the system, just come back and re-order for another 30 days: You can cancel at any time but after your banner has been placed there will be no refunds. After I receive payment I will add your banner asap. or for sure the next day. You wont get an email from me telling you your banner is placed, so just come back and check to see that your banner is in the network. If for some reason you don't see it, just contact me here and I will check to make sure it is in the system. When you come back to my home page, refresh the page until you see your banner. There is only three banners to a rotator so a few refreshes will bring up your banner...

There is two fields to add your url and banner url before your pay, make sure you add your url and banner url...

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As of right now we are not accepting 88X31 banners in a rotator, only in our marquee strolling rotator...

For 30 Days 88X31 Banner Ad Is Only! $10.95!

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